Bumper is a great space to hold a gig – spacious enough to hold a decent crowd, yet intimate enough to have character. Given that Last Line Out are a band with real class, the combination promised a sizzling night out, one I was really looking forward to.

The Shipbuilders were starting their set as we arrived. The band have a strong, folksy sound, heavy on vocals, which the crowd really enjoyed. I’m not a lover of folk myself, but the band gave a solid, accomplished performance.

The other two support bands were similarly talented. The Jake Morrell Band had a laid back vibe, putting me in mind of acts such as The Lighthouse Family. Again, not really something that would get my heart racing, but that was down to personal taste, not ability. Musically, the band had a sophisticated, relaxed vibe, another crowd pleaser.

La Alma Sucia, an acoustic duo with beautifully harmonising vocals, continued the evening’s entertainment. They showed a musical maturity and weren’t afraid to perform a cover of the recent Daft Punk hit ‘Get Lucky’, which worked far better as an acoustic number than I expected.

Last Line Out EP Launch Night

Last Line Out Photo Credit Evan & Jake Photography

I’ve seen Last Line Out before and enjoyed their set enormously. The band play high quality blues rock and, judging by the crowd, have an extensive local fan base. This was a band I’d already recommended to friends as ones to watch. Bringing a friend who loves this sort of music, I could see she appreciated the artistry this band produce when they play. I’m old fashioned enough to enjoy bands who have substance as well as style, and Last Line Out have shed-loads of both.

The evening was a launch of the excellent Last Line Out EP. It was satisfying to hear tracks like ‘Blind Lead the Blind’, which are as good live as on the disc. I always look to a band’s live performance to see if they can back up their studio output on stage. Some bands can’t, but Last Line Out don’t need the help of sound engineering to play snappy, red-hot rock to perfection. If anything the recording studio tames them a little, whilst on stage you get the full experience. To me, that’s the mark of a great band.

For More Info On Last Line Out Visit Their Facebook & Twitter Pages & Listen To Their Music On Soundcloud. Their Debut EP Is Out Now & Can Be Purchased From Bandcamp For Just £3 Here

Roxy Gillespie