Laces Out! will also be hosting an exclusive screening of the Adidas Originals X SPEZIAL Sole Searching in South America: Directors Cut!  This screening will include never before seen footage from the legendary trip to Buenos Aires. Spaces for this screening will be very limited.

Gary Aspen from Adidas says: “The two trips to Argentina were incredible and with their cult following have now become part of adidas’s mythology. It was great to be able to document the experience of finding a hoard of deadstock and the return trip on film. Due to the amount of footage shot versus the timeframe we wanted to deliver the final cut in, there were some key scenes that didn’t make that final edit. We always planned to create a director’s cut by adding in some of these out-takes and with Laces Out we believe we have a great forum to launch it from.”

Laces Out! founder Rob May says: “The brand of Adidas is so connected to Liverpool so it’s an honour for us to work with the team at Adidas again to be able to present an exclusive Directors Cut of this brilliant story”

Laces Out! is the only festival of its kind in the North of England, a place synonymous with it’s historic love of trainer culture. An all-encompassing sneaker celebration, Lace Out! is an unmissable event on the trainer aficionado’s calendar.

Tickets are £8 with a very limited amount of VIP tickets available for £15, see website for details –