Liverpool based singer-songwriter KingFast is due to release his next soul-infused single, Avenge on June 26.

A blend of pop and soul, paired with the innovative use of his looped guitar and stellar vocals, Avenge is a beautifully powerful song and one which resonates deeply when you listen to it. 

KingFast is definitely one to watch in the local music scene, he is no stranger to performing, having taken part in various musical events in Liverpool including the recent Liverpool Digital Music Festival and even entertaining race goers at the World famous Ladies Day, part of the Grand National Festival. He was also awarded the Merseyrail Sound Station Prize in 2017.

The song has an acapella opening, with KingFast’s powerful and soulful vocals bursting into life. The catchy backing vocals form a perfectly constructed harmony behind the lead vocal and throughout the song add depth to the sound, as well as shining through. The emotion is clear in KingFast’s voice and matches the subject matter perfectly.

As the song progresses, the instrumentation consists of KingFast’s signature looping of the guitar which automatically grabs the listeners attention as well as a drum beat which really keeps the song moving forward. This simple instrumentation, although impressive and technical in its own way, allows the main focus to be on the powerful lyrics of the song.

The opening lines of the song “Avenge your race, that burden falls to me” is a strong and emotive opening line which encourages a feeling of contemplation from the listener. This song is a powerful statement and in his own words is about “how people tell you to feel about your race, what to care about and what not to.” It certainly is a truly beautiful piece of music with a powerful message behind it.  

There is no doubt that KingFast is set for great things and I for one am looking forward to hearing more of his music in the future and hopefully getting to see him perform live again soon. Avenge will be released on June 26 and it will not disappoint. It’s a great track, wonderfully put together and performed.

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Helen Maw