The latest single from KEEF, Beat of A Drum, tackles the repetitive cycle of life.

Following their previous singles Satellite and Day In Day Out, three piece band KEEF from the North West have just released their latest single, Beat Of A Drum. The psych rock band is made up of Mike Paul Davies on vocals and guitar, Marc Allan Gibbs on bass, and Brendan Downing on drums. 

As the title suggests, the drums play an important part in this song, from the strong, jungle-esque intro, to the syncopated pulse keeping the track moving along. In writing, the beat of a drum can signal an awakening, or perhaps a call to arms. KEEF’s beat seems to be about how life seems to find a repetitive loop. The lyrics hammer home how the beat goes “on and on and on”, like life itself, its systems, and humanity’s behaviours. The band are keen on portraying their working class roots through their music, and Beat Of A Drum is a great example of this. 

KEEF Beat of A Drum Video

KEEF’s psychedelic influences are definitely present in this track. The slow start builds to a layered texture of drums, distorted guitar lines and heavier riffs. Upon hearing the track I personally thought the psychedelic influences of KEEF could be traced to or at least had echoes to The Doors. Perhaps it was the monotonous drum beat at the beginning of The Doors’ Ghost Song or even a similarity between lead vocalist Davies and the legendary Lizard King, Jim Morrison (not to be confused with our very own Pete Price!). 

Witness KEEF’s take on the ups and downs of life in the Beat Of A Drum music video here.

Rach Hankin