With a new album and tour dates pencilled in for the coming months, these are exciting times for fans of local sensation Jamie Webster. Grinding the Gears, Webster’s latest release shows a side to the singer-songwriter we have not seen thus far.

Jamie Webster is a name synonymous with fans of Liverpool FC for his efforts along with Boss Night in bringing terrace anthems to the masses and re-invigorating the club’s supporter culture. Webster along with song writers Liam Malone and Phil Howard gave life to the chant ‘Allez, Allez Allez’, the soundtrack to Liverpool’s European adventure in 2018.

However, Jamie now embarks on a solo adventure with his own tunes and Grinding the Gears is a track that takes all of the shackles off and unveils a ballad, perhaps exploring the themes of escapism and struggle in society with the emphasis on soldiering on. From a technical stance, there are no frills to the track as Webster backs his vocals and acoustic guitar to set the tone and send the message. This is certainly achieved as we set sail on a stormy sea, across the way from Webster as he throws his cards on the table and shows us his hand.

Divulging his call to arms. Comparisons can be drawn perhaps to the work of another local favourite, Mick Head with a further nod to softer tracks by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds such as Dead In The Water or The Dying of the Light. Yet Webster approaches matters from a more relatable angle and we are hooked on his every word and strum of the strings. 

The pace lifts in the final stretch as Jamie hammers his point home, signing off in style with a passionate salvo to leave quite the impression. Admitting, “maybe it’s time to go and make my way”. This latest track lights the touch paper on his own adventure and we as ever will be watching on with eagle eyes. A left turn well received as anticipation grows for the next deviation in the road. “Go out and seize the day”. 

Grinding the Gears is out on all major streaming platforms on 24 April.

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Jamie Hankin