Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Henry Jones will be releasing Something About Rain, the second single of his solo project on 30 April.

The solo project began in 2020, and his debut single, As Soon As I, was extremely well received. The two tracks demonstrate completely different styles and Jones’ desire and ability to blend the boundaries of genre. Having listened to As Soon As I and now Something About Rain you can certainly spot a versatility to Henry Jones shining through. 

The earlier track had the similar dreamy, echoey singing style that brings to mind cult indie bands such as Fleet Foxes or perhaps The Shins, with Jones’ voice sounding distant from the listener, pulling you closer to hear. While the vocal style is similar in both tracks, Something About Rain brings to mind more of a synthy 80s vibe. The track is less of a pure acoustic affair and is more complex, with a heavy use of percussion and deep, twangy guitar riffs in the background.

In one sense, New Order’s epic work, Elegia, is immediately brought to mind with the intricate riffs, synths and steady buildup that demands attention.The payoff is worth it at the end as the song lets loose and Jones’ voice stops in its tracks, taken over by the impressive instrumental outro. Contrastingly, Something About Rain also has the danceability of indie classics that are surefire floor-fillers. 

Henry Jones is definitely on his way to forging his path through the ranks of Liverpool’s music scene, and I can’t wait to hear more. 

Something About Rain is out on Friday (30 April). Pre-save the track and listen to Henry on all major streaming platforms here.

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Rach Hankin