A new era of sisterhood is here and it is time we GLOW. GLOW recently hosted a launch party at Love Thy Neighbour on Bold Street. The evening brought together a crowd of like minded individuals who gathered to celebrate women with big hearts and go-getter attitudes.

I attended the launch with a group of friends who weren’t really aware of what GLOW was or will become. Entering events can often be a daunting process of not really knowing anyone, feeling like you have to fit in and all the other things that women tend to think about when entering a room. This event was totally different. We were greeted by GLOW creator Julia Tobin and headed to the bar to order our drinks. The atmosphere was friendly and comforting which was refreshing to step into from the hustle and bustle of Bold Street on a busy Saturday evening.

Glow Launch Liverpool

Throughout the evening, everyone mingled in a very positive environment. There were small touches throughout such as a spoken word performance that had the whole room watching in silence which made the night even more perfect. A few of my friends who were visiting from various parts of the country expressed how empowered they felt that there was this ‘sisterhood’ that brought women together and celebrate positivity that doesn’t often happen around the country. I certainly believe that Liverpool is pioneering in initiatives that help support women, not with the aim to exclude men to include and celebrate all.

The GLOW Launch party was one of the best events I have been to in a long time. For those actively seeking empowerment, friendship and positivity… discover your GLOW. GLOW will continue to host a number of events that will showcase great women and empower, inspire and embrace women with a go-getter attitude through various events and workshops.

For more information on GLOW’s upcoming events visit the Facebook page here

Georgia Flynn