Track 1995 comes from Flizz, a four-man band from Liverpool.

The blunt yet melodic vocals in 1995 draw a likeness to The Smith’s singer Morrisey, with light percussion and swift guitar riffs that give the track a playful undertone.

This makes perfect sense, as the song reflect on childhood and the simplicity of life back in 1995. The relatable, nostalgic lyrics in this track, such as – “I miss the simplicity of childhood” and “why can’t it to be like it used to be?” – serves as a bittersweet memory. The contrast between contemplative lyrics and airy tempo gives the track a soft, mellow dynamic.

The track consists of a bubbly, summery pop rhythm for the most part, though a jazz number is introduced as the bridge. This elevates the track significantly, making Flizz automatically distinctive and memorable in the alt/pop scene.

The incorporation of radiant jazz into their tracks is what gives Flizz their signature sound, and its warming presence is felt in 1995. 

1995 is 2 minutes and 30 seconds of energetic yet smooth rhythm, mixing contemporary pop beats with classic jazz harmony. 

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Sian Ellis