Warrington five-piece indie rock’n’roll band Filthy Tricks are already establishing themselves on the scene as a talented group with lots of potential.  After releasing their debut EP Run The River in Summer 2019 and single, Walk In Line at the start of the year , they’re back their latest single Leah.

I absolutely love the opening to this song. Straight away the drums come to life and paired with the opening guitar chords, it will make anyone listening want to dance! The vocals of frontman Liam Rimmer fit perfectly with the indie rock vibe of the track and especially in the chorus when the lead vocal is joined by the gorgeous harmonies. This really sets the chorus apart from the rest of the track.

The lyrics of this song are easy to listen to as well as being relatable. It is no doubt somewhat of a love song about the elusive ‘Leah’ but lines such as “why don’t we chase tomorrow” seem to me to echo a feeling of restlessness and a yearning. It has all the ingredients of a catchy, motivating and coming of age track.

Having listened to some of the other songs by Filthy Tricks, they have a penchant for creating great tunes with catchy riffs. There is something truly upbeat about Leah and you cannot help but smile as you listen to it. It has all the makings of an anthemic indie classic.

Listen to Leah on Spotify.

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Helen Maw