The seasoned, Japanese born, avant-garde artist Ryoichi Kurokawa has received varying accolades and acclaim for his work with both music and film. His new project ‘unfold’, produced and funded by FACT, gives the artist his first major exhibition in the UK.

Placed in the upper echelons of art with his synthesis of sound and vision. Ryoichi, has a certain notoriety for stimulating the brain with simultaneous audio/visual responses, examining the nexus between sensory stimuli and the physical experience. This is a meticulous craft, done by composing a sonic environment of pulsating bass and field recordings, matched with kaleidoscopic visuals, in a bid for, essentially, synaesthesia.

The new installation showcases the relationship between art and science in a spectacular audio-visual phenomena. An artistic appropriation and interpretation of star formation, from genesis to destruction, using raw data Ryoichi, worked with renowned astrophysicist Vincent Minier, to encapsulate an arbitrary breathtaking natural wonder.


The exhibition itself is an unmatched spectacle, displaying an oscillating cosmos, jittery constellations in the quasi-empty vacuum, a perspective widening yet disorientating reflection of the molecular star creation, it becomes quite like glancing through an Escher telescope at the prints of the Hadron collider.

Ryoichi, simply explained the exhibition needs to be “Felt, without words.” – It’s a must see. The exhibition itself is open to the public until 12th June. You can also take a guided tour of the exhibition with one of the FACT curators on the 19th March at 2pm, booking required.