Esme Bridie, a name well known in Liverpool’s vibrant music scene and for good reason. Labelled as one of the city’s rising stars, Bridie writes with a raw honesty and creates stunning songs which leave an impact long after you have finished listening.

Her latest offering is Tower of Regret and is a song about challenging those around you who try to hold you back and stop you from pursuing your dreams. The song is a true story of empowerment, a reminder not to let anyone stop you from following your heart and going for something. Bridie captures the vulnerability and the strength of the situation perfectly, encouraging the listener to also not let anyone limit them.

Bridie’s voice is mesmerising and seems to capture your attention so effortlessly. It provides a stark contrast to the darker subject matter and entraps you with its silky smooth tone and range. Tower Of Regret is a punchy, anthemic track with twinkling guitar riffs and perfectly pitched harmonies, it shows a softer side to Bridie and showcases her powerful lyric writing.

This is a wonderful track from Esme Bridie and I look forward to hearing her future releases, her mature writing and catchy melodies make for a truly exciting local artist.

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Helen Maw