Escape Hunt Liverpool launch outdoor games with the Royal Albert Dock as their backdrop.

As everyone in Liverpool flocked to the newly opened bars and pubs under the beautiful April sun, Liverpool Noise instead went undercover with an aim to infiltrate a worldwide organisation, hell bent on taking over the world’s water systems to control the population!

The things we do for you, hey!

Escape Hunt Liverpool Outdoor games

Tucked next to MADRÉ in The Royal Albert Dock, Escape Hunt Liverpool have launched a brand new duo of outdoor escape rooms. Aimed at taking advantage of the wonderful weather we’ve had, the aim is to discover clues and puzzles hidden around the streets we walk on every day.

Our team was chosen to take on Operation Mindfall, where luckily we had been briefed by our brilliant host and given out tablet and handy briefcase full of gadgets and gizmos which would help us solve our tasks. With a time limit of 2 hours, we were chasing clues around some of Liverpool’s best spots. Naturally we can’t give too much away, but let’s just say we discovered a secret underground clandestine network of notorious criminals, and made sure you could enjoy your drinks without a care in the world. You’re very welcome.

Escape Hunt Liverpool Albert Dock

With two games, one family orientated and the other for those wanting a bit of a challenge, what better way to kick-start your step count than by putting your minds in gear to solve riddles before time runs out.

Make sure to book early as these are sure to be a hit. For those who prefer their escapes to be with a roof, Escape Hunt have plenty of brilliant games to choose from too but why not go for something different this summer?

We look forward to you saving the world for us this time, as we’re off to grab a cocktail in the sun and don’t want to be burdened with anymore worldwide catastrophes any time soon. 

To find out more about Escape Hunt Liverpool and to book an experience, visit