‘I’m As Mad As Hell, And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!’ 

The resounding words of Howard Beale from ‘Network’, they never really leave you, from the first time you hear the mantra. With ‘The Juveniles’ debut EP it feels as though they still stand at the window screaming into the night as you read this.

“Help Me Out” is what beckons us into the EP, a big single from the Runcorn band crying out from their lowest tiers of despair. Lead singer Mike Davies bawling out a plea to escape in a chorus that keeps circling round your mind, like the ringing of a tuning fork.

The album then tumbles into the throbbing bass of “The Beat of a Drum” painting a picture of a humdrum, monotonous existence. The song relentlessly chugs on until it’s frantic crescendo, leaving the silence far heavier than it was before.

“Seen The Light” gives off a disquieting trance effect, the jittery rhythmic psychedelic lead guitar pilots the erratic, alluring song, with a sweeping bass line keeping it all in tow. With a feeling of Tom Verlaine singing one of Jim Morrison’s ballads, it’s a curious, great song.

Closing the album is the anthemic “You Won’t Control Us” initially it blossoms as a gentle piano track then explodes into a ballad channelling the bands frustration, oppression and desperation.

With a crumpled puppet lying on the cover of the EP, abandoned with its marionette strings tangled and its limbs limp, the strong image of anguish is the theme that resides over the EP. The velveteen production of ‘The Juveniles’ debut EP takes a touch from every of music from the last 50 years and bring it into a glossy 2015 rock sensibility, every track with a strong catchy chorus’ crafted with talent and harnessing sincere passion in each and every performance.

“You Won’t Control Us” as an EP has established the bands tremendous possibilities, budding with embryonic qualities that will only become sharper as the band progresses to a tighter degree as a unit. ‘The Juveniles’ with this effort have become a notorious candidate for becoming a household favourite in the North West.

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Joseph Giess