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Entertainment Tips for Another Year of Lockdowns in Liverpool

Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear: It may not really be another full year of lockdowns in Liverpool and around the UK. We know that vaccinations are being administered and with patience, effective strategy, and time we should be able to put the coronavirus behind us to some degree by the summer or autumn. However, it’s also become clear that the existence of effective vaccines doesn’t mean we can flip a switch and go back to our lives.

The latest lockdown news, the prime minister has suggested we could be in for the most difficult period yet. And though he also hinted that this could be the final phase of full lockdowns, it appears we ought to at least prepare for the possibility that we’ll largely be sheltering at home for the next several months at minimum.

That’s not the update anybody wants. But it’s all in the interest of public safety, and it’s thus our job to act as responsibly as we can. One part of this process that we don’t talk about enough concerns finding ways to stay entertained and enjoy a bit of amusement at home. And it’s this effort that we want to focus on by providing a few tips for those in Liverpool and around the UK to entertain themselves at home until the world is back to normal.

Stop & Eat (Delivery)
This may be about as simple a tip as we can offer. But if you (like us) have gotten into the habit of throwing together casual meals, camping out in front of television news, and eating as a sort of side activity, you might want to consider changing things up. While not every meal needs to be an event, we often eat as a form of entertainment, at least in ordinary times. We cook together to bond, we meet up with friends over food and drink to socialise, and so on.

Not all of these activities are available, but really stopping to pause and eat with other people — either at home or virtually — can help to break up the monotony quite a bit. A relatively recent list of area restaurants you can order from gives you plenty of easy options for food you don’t have to shop for or prepare. So consider setting aside a couple of nights a week, ordering delivery, turning off the TV, setting the table, and having a proper, social meal. It’s a simple thing, but one that will make a big difference in the coming months.

Invest in At-Home Football
Needless to say, many in Liverpool and around the UK are missing the fun of an ordinary football season, whether that means actually attending matches or even meeting at pubs and sports bars to watch on television. You can’t quite replicate these experiences at home, but if you’re a big fan of the sport, it may be worth your while to enhance the home experience through a new TV and/or sound system that brings the action to life.

This can be a fairly hefty investment, but for those who are really missing football, it’s about the best way possible to bring some entertainment into the home during lockdowns. As for what to actually look for, a guide to modern televisions that was written fairly recently suggests that those in the LG OLED TV range are typically best for modern sports. While we won’t suggest a single specific TV, the idea is that this kind of display has self-lighting pixels that make for a sharp display during fast-moving programs. A great OLED TV won’t quite make you feel like you’re seated at Anfield, but it’s about as good as it gets from your couch.

Keep an Eye Out for Drive-In Showings
A new TV will also do nicely for you if you’re missing cinema and live shows more than sports. Indeed, the same guide pitching an LG OLED TV for sports mentions that it’s also the best option for movies. That doesn’t solve the missed experiences of friends, large seats, a towering screen, and treats and a beverage, mind you. But it can bring a cinematic quality into your home film viewing for as long as lockdowns endure.

On the other hand, this is also one form of entertainment for which you can still get out of your home. Drive-in cinema options around Liverpool have been available at various points during the COVID crisis, and offer a lovely hint of ordinary social activity. There’s a certain charm to a drive-in that just about makes up for the lack of access to ordinary cinemas, and for this reason we recommend keeping an eye out for showings. To be clear, as of this writing showings are temporarily on hold. But that’s why we’re suggesting you keep an eye out. It’s likely that drive-in options will still be available before regular cinemas open again, which will make these showings excellent ways to stay entertained.

Renew Your Love of the Beatles
Rest assured, we’re not suggesting anyone in Liverpool needs more focus on The Beatles. That would almost be like telling people in London to spend more time at the British Museum, or arguing that native New Yorkers should regularly tour the Statue of Liberty. With that said though, the latter half of 2021 is likely to bring attention back to The Beatles in a significant way, almost as the film Bohemian Rhapsody did for Queen a few years ago.

This is because of a forthcoming documentary on the band that has been created by The Lord Of The Rings cinematic maestro Peter Jackson. The documentary, titled The Beatles: Get Back is slated for release in August, which might be at the tail end of COVID-19 as we know it. It’s expected to be a major cinematic event, and will undoubtedly result in renewed worldwide celebration of arguably the most impactful rock group of all time. So, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you, our last suggestion for home entertainment is to go ahead and embrace what may well become the Year of The Beatles. Listen to the old records, read a few books, and watch the documentaries that have already come out. You may just have fun diving into it all, and it will take up a lot of time!


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