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CBD: A New Way To Relax Naturally

As well as fatigue, pressure build-up is often a source of stress and anxiety. Natural solutions like CBD exist to help you restore balance. How does it work?

CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp, along with THC. It has been popularised recently and is authorised for sale within a regulated framework. Only products containing less than 0.3% THC can be marketed.

If you want to learn about European CBD laws and regulations, follow thisĀ link.

How does CBD work in the body?

CBD works by interacting with our cannabinoid system. This system comprises a set of receptors that regulate our body’s equilibrium. They are activated and linked by the cannabinoids produced naturally by our body.

It is possible to suffer from a lack of cannabinoids, leading to imbalances. Increased pain, hormonal variations, digestive problems, etc, characterise these. Consuming cannabinoids, therefore, helps to regulate the body.

What form should CBD be used in?

There are several forms of CBD that you can consume or vaporise to help you relax. They are available on sites such as CBD Grams, which has developed a range of products made in Europe.

CBD flower

CBD flower is the hemp bud. The molecule is present in large quantities. It is consumed dried, added to culinary preparations or infused like tea. 

There are several ways to take them:

  • Inhaling – Most commonly, the flowers are smoked or vaporised. They can be rolled into a cigarette or stuffed into a pipe. In addition, the natural product can be enjoyed using a shisha or vaporiser. Compared to smoking, vaporisation offers the advantage of gentle heating – less CBD is lost.
  • Baking and cooking – Whether in biscuits or cakes, finely grated cannabidiol flowers are ideally suited for baking. The same applies to many dishes, such as tomato sauce, pizza and salads. Mixing them with cooking oil can be used for cooking and frying without any problems.
  • Drinks – Many fans of CBD flowers prepare a tea or, with other ingredients, a healthy smoothie.

CBD-derived products

Several other preparations also contain CBD, including food supplements and sweets. They are designed to make it easier to dose and take the molecule. For example, vaping a CBD e-liquid with an electronic cigarette improves the assimilation of the molecule, enabling you to feel its effects quickly.

CBD oil

The most widespread are cannabidiol oils, which are part of the standard range of every well-known supplier. CBD oil is usually mixed with olive, hemp seed or coconut oil. The latter has to be heated beforehand; furthermore, it can solidify, resulting in lumps. The disadvantage of hemp seed oil is that it keeps less long. The bioavailability of CBD oil is six to twelve per cent. Its advantage is that it is easy to dose. It is usually taken orally, although some users find the taste unpleasant. However, it can also be integrated into food and drinks. Besides CBD oil from isolate, a full-spectrum preparation is also available. In this case, manufacturers have to distil the cannabidiol.

An advantage of CBD oil is that it is a highly effective relaxant. It can calm anxiety and stress and improve sleep. 

CBD has therefore become indispensable for relieving people suffering from various symptoms. Several clinical trials started in 2021, involving tests with both CBD and THC.

Body, mind and soul in a new balance

CBD drops or CBD oil are now considered an insider tip on sleep. Their relaxing and calming potential can fade stress and negative thoughts into the background. In addition, CBD products are often better tolerated than conventional sleeping pills, can be dosed individually and do not lead to dependence.

In this context, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology also confirms that taking 160 mg of CBD before bed improves the sleep duration of patients suffering from sleep deficits.

Find the best CBD online

To find CBD, choosing a product made by a reputable online CDB store is advisable. If you go to an unrecognised manufacturer, you could buy poor-quality CBD containing too much THC, which is illegal. Among the market leaders, offers safe, high-quality CBD that complies with the law.


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