Take a once in a lifetime leap in Liverpool this Summer by grabbing a ticket to Bungee Fest. Experience the live music, the stalls, the food, the view and of course….the 150ft jump! All the while you’ll be helping to raise money to restore the Mansion House to its former glory, ensuring that future generations can enjoy a place to read, play, learn, make new friends and find new opportunities.

Tickets to Bungee Fest are £80 entry and include a donation to support this valuable cause. Invite your friends and family to soak up the atmosphere of the weekend before you take to the skies…

Not only will you get a unique view over Calderstones Park and all of South Liverpool, you will have helped a good cause and get a goody bag to take home too.

A maximum of 7 bungee slots are available per hour on each day.

Participants must be over 14 years of age and in good health. Jumpers over 50 require a doctor’s certificate and everyone must sign an declaration of sound health and indemnity, to be endorsed by a parent or guardian if the jumper is under 17.

If you are interested in taking part and would like to do the jump as a sponsored event please contact [email protected]

To Buy Tickets Visit BungeeFest