Dance project duo, Bumpmen, have released their high energy, disco debut single Bill Murray and its guarenteed to get you up on your feet.

Bumpmen is the new production project from Liverpool dance scene legends James Morgan (Liverpool Disco Festival) and John Dean, with the track being released on LDF Recordings. The song is available to listen to and buy on the LDF Recordings Bandcamp page now and will be on all streaming platforms from 4 April.

The ambiguously titled debut track suggests an admiration for one of cinema’s greatest comedy actors. As a huge Bill Murray fan personally I was drawn to the track. It’s got a punchy bassline and a sharp interspersed guitar that will get in your head for days. The Jimmy Castor Bunch ‘Troglodyte’ sample manages to sound as fresh as it did in the 70’s. For me the track represents all that a disco track should be; a feel-good, hedonistic anthem.

For those who don’t know much about Bill Murry, he has a bit of a habit of delighting random strangers with spontaneous and hilarious moments. He turned up at college house party in Scotland and started washing the dishes. He accompanied a band, after their set at SXSW Music Festival, to a house party in Austin, Texas where he jammed with the band and played the tambourine. Bill Murray has a habit of making people feel good and surely that’s the recipe for a great disco track too? Here’s hoping I haven’t read too much into it all and maybe a song title is just a song title!

Earlier this month Liverpool Disco Festival announced its Easter Sunday event (12 April) featuring New York disco legends Odyssey, Mr Scruff, John Morales and Bumpmen among its exciting lineup.

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