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Bobby West and The Outsiders Release Stunning Self-Titled Album

A North Liverpool native born and raised in Anfield, Bobby West has become a steadfast fixture on the local music scene. Following his first musical endeavour of forming the band Broken Men, West has gone from strength to strength touring England, Russia and Europe, supporting Echo and The Bunnymen. West’s latest musical project, Bobby West and The Outsiders has culminated in this stunning debut record.

Taking their listeners on a sonic journey, this album is a scrapbook of real life, of raw and honest experiences. The clever lyricism and catchy melodies sweep you along for the ride. There is a maturity to the album, you believe what they are singing about. 

The album opens strongly with El Paso Take 2. With echoes of Johnny Cash, smokey guitar riffs, a driving rhythm section and gritty yet powerful vocals, the album explodes into life with this track. Despite the upbeat feel of the song, the cries for help are clear with the repeated line “drinking myself day by day” as tales of gunfights and lost loves are told. Another standout track on the album is Loverboy. Tinged with classic 1950s tremolo guitars and a beautifully performed crooner style vocal, the song is like a gentle breeze, it has a warmth to it which is hard to resist.

Bobby West and The Outsiders – El Paso Take 2

Furthermore, I’d Wait All Night is another is another beautiful track, showcasing further the vulnerable side to West’s vocal, with a rich and yet soft tone which soars over the song. 

Through this album, we are transported into a nostalgia tinged world of love, loss, turmoil and resilience. West’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with, the grit and experience shine through in his delivery. The lyrics are clever and descriptive, painting quite the picture. Yet they are also thought provoking and often emotive, the tales of these lives, the trials and tribulations of the characters portrayed in a beautiful way.

Through these 12 blissful songs which complete the album, Bobby West and the Outsiders have something very special on their hands and I cannot wait to hear what they produce next.

Stream Bobby West and The Outsiders album now.

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