Black Honey Live At Jacaranda Phase One Review….

Two days after the release of their self-titled debut album, Brighton based indie rockers, Black Honey, took to the stage at The Jacaranda: Phase One to share their long awaited foray into psychedelic pop rock. Led by frontwoman, Izzy B Phillips, the eccentric quartet treated the crowd to a small taste of what to expect from the retro world they have been creating for the last four years. Giving off Pulp Fiction vibes with a dash of Saturday Night Fever, their songs wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s next Western inspired movie and are the perfect blend of retro disco, modern pop and classic rock and roll.

Phillips, dressed to impressed in sequined trousers that act as her own disco ball, walks through the crowd towards the stage where the rest of the band, guitars in hand, are poised ready to go. Opening with the album’s first track, I Only Hurt the Ones I Love, the pulsing chorus has the crowd hooked within the first three minutes of this cinematic experience. Slowing down into an acidly melancholic rendition of, Bad Friends, the room is hanging off every word as Phillips’ haunting vocals wash over the audience. Slipping in the odd song not featured on the album, Somebody Better and All My Pride, are anthemic tracks that still raise cheers and fists into the air; the people in the room are clearly fans who have been following Black Honey’s journey from the beginning. The highlight of the evening for me, however, was the band’s most recent single, Midnight. Accompanied by a music video John Travolta wouldn’t look out of place in, the track totally embodies Black Honey’s unique eclectic style. The heavy bass, catchy chorus and electric solo has the crowd fully immersed in their disco vision and leads the show to an end that has come far too quick.

Black Honey

Photo Credit: Andy Von Pip

Topping the evening off with a signing of the album to the delight of fans, you can tell the passion that has gone into getting them to this position as throughout the show they constantly thank everyone for their support. For an unsigned band who run off their own label, reaching number 33 on the UK album charts during the first week of the album’s release is an amazing achievement. Seeing them in an intimate venue like this will become a rare experience soon as I have no doubt they will be gracing some pretty big stages in no time. It might have taken four years for an album, but Black Honey are finally here and are here to stay. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Sophie Shields

Photo Credit – Andy Von Pip