If you’re looking for something a bit different to do to beat the lockdown boredom and expand your mind, the University of Liverpool’s continuing education events are a good place to start.

Many of their continuing education and events are now fully booked but there’s still availability on some courses, detailed below.

University of Liverpool Continuing Education Courses and Events

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

This course will cover speculative and fantastic fiction of all kinds, from magical realism to space opera and high fantasy to hard science. Readings, discussions and practical workshops will help you discover how to build the world you need to explore the themes and ideas that fire your imagination.

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Beyond rationality: how superstition affects investment decisions

Superstitions are irrational trains of thought that can affect a large variety of decisions in our lives; surprisingly, however, not much is known about their role in investors’ decision making. This course offers a detailed overview of superstitions in terms of their behavioural foundations and typology, before providing a concise review of the empirical evidence from international financial markets on their presence and the potential for their profitable exploitation.

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The Psychology of Social Support and Interaction

One of the biggest changes during COVID-19 is changes and limits on how we socialise and provide social support to those closest to us. Since the pandemic started there has been arguments about the impact of this on specific populations such as older adults and the general impact on mental health. This short course will take a look at the theory and the research behind this, giving people the chance to learn about the benefits and even consequences of socialisation and support alongside discussing if online support and friendships have the same impact as in person interactions.

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