Clean Cut Kid Band Liverpool


Liverpool has its fair share of musical talent floating about, it seems all venues in Liverpool these days have handfuls of fresh acts on all the time. Of all the aspiring bands emerging from the city, Clean Cut Kid are definitely one to watch out for. The band consist of Mike Halls, Evelyn Burke and Saul Godman.

The bands image speaks clearly of the type of music it produces, their songs contain undertones of psychedelic rock and country, but on the whole they deliver truly mesmerising folk melodies that are extremely catchy as well as being a true example of raw talent.

Their style, similar to that of “Angus and Julia Stone,” and “Beach House,” bodes well with the captivating vocal harmonies from the two singers. Their Facebook page describes them as “Three Heads, One Heart”. Each member of the band is uniquely talented in playing a whole host of instruments; their songs contain a variety of different sounds, guitar violin, bass, drums and piano being present among many more.

The next time you see this band advertised in a venue, don’t miss out. They are definitely one to remember, and with time they will hopefully get the recognition they deserve.

For more info on the band and to listen to their music visit their Facebook page here.

Zoe Hyland