With the huge wave of rekindled love that record stores have had in the last few years, it’s only right that our city of music, Liverpool, has plenty to do with that resurgence.

Far from the ‘High Fidelity‘ style snobbery that can often be associated with those who don’t collect vinyl, 9×9 Records have combined as a sister label to 81 Renshaw, boasting a 100-capacity venue and coffee shop in the record store room giving a wonderful space to browse at your heart’s content.

Formed in 2019 and inspired by DIY principles, the label works across genres trying to bring out records which may have otherwise never seen the light of day. In 2021 their focus is bringing out new releases with an artist led approach, 9×9 hope to successfully realise the creative ambitions of talented musicians, while also providing premium products for music lovers and enthusiasts to cherish in their collections. Set in the building that once housed Bill Harry’s iconic Merseybeat magazine, 81 Renshaw has the winning recipe to continue to push music in a wonderful direction for their artists.

Following Thom Morecroft’s debut album “The Feng Shui and the Sushi” and the first vinyl reissue of Kelley Stoltz’s “Crockodials”, 9×9 records has some exciting new releases planned for 2021. So far this year they’ve released debut albums from Bobhowla and The High Rip and a live single from Thom Morecroftwhich are to set the bar moving forward.

We can’t wait to head down for a coffee and a browse! Keep an eye out for Record Store Day, which is currently penned to be 12 June for the best deals and nice ways for new customers to get involved and support this wonderful venue.

Follow 9×9 Records on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates or visit the official website.

Michael Fell