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5 Film Events Coming To Liverpool This February

Whether you’re a fan of films with a message, film festivals or even if you’re a filmmaker yourself – Liverpool’s upcoming February film events are offering something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll be listing the top five events happening next month in Liverpool’s diverse, dynamic and iconic film scene.

1. Crass. The Sound of Free Speech. (The Story of Reality Asylum).
Liverpool Palestinian Solidarity Film Screening

Date: Friday 2 February
Time: 7pm
Location: The Casa Bar, Liverpool, L1 9BQ

On the 2 February, Liverpool’s Casa Bar is screening 2023 music documentary, Crass. The Sound of Free Speech. (The Story of Reality Asylum).

Think 1970s Britain. The emergence of punk music was very much in the air. Hence, it was also the decade that punk band, Crass, was formed. The band that popularised the anarcho-punk movement – advocating for direct action, animal rights, feminism, anti-fascism and environmentalism. The documentary delves deep into and celebrates Crass’ art, music and ethos, as well as the profound effect they had on those who were attempting to understand and come to terms with the malicious society they were living in at the time. A real and raw film with a message, this documentary is the closest re-telling of Crass’ story that anyone could ever receive.

After the screening, a Q&A session will take place, led by filmmaker and director of the documentary – Brandon Spivey. All of the proceeds after the hiring of the screening room is paid for, will be going directly to Liverpool Palestinian Solidarity groups.

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2. Banff Mountain Film Festival

Date: Thursday 15 February
Time: 7:30pm – 10:15pm
Location: Plaza Cinema, 13 Crosby Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0LD

The annual Banff Mountain Film Festival is returning this year, this time to Liverpool! Every year, the Banff World Tour team selects 35-40 of the best inspirational short films, featuring an array of adventurous sports such as – climbing, skiing, kayaking, and biking.

This 2024, Banff is showcasing to us a brand-new collection of inspirational, adventure-style short films. Featuring dangerous excavations that push the limits, these films centre around brave adventurers and use stunning camerawork to capture some of the most enchanting places across the world, as these thrill-seekers ski, paddle and ride on through extreme journeys. This is a film festival brought to you from a world-renowned team of adventure filmmakers and adrenaline junkies!

The doors for this event open at 6:45pm and the collection of films commences at 7:30pm, it is recommended to arrive early if you have preferred seats, as the seating is unreserved.

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3. FACT’s Cinema in the City: Queendom

Date: Saturday 17 February
Time: 7pm
Location: Exchange Station, Tithebarne Street, Liverpool, L2 2QP

Liverpool’s Exchange Station is hosting 2023 documentary, Queendom, this February, as part of FACT’s experimental film programme – Cinema in the City. This programme features independent films screened in unusual places and recognises up-and-coming filmmakers from the North West of England by showing their films before the main titles.

Agniia Galdanova’s Queendom follows the extraordinary life story of trans Russian artist, Gena Marvin. Marvin’s work centres around dressing in eccentric and other-worldly costumes, as she protests along Moscow’s streets. Her non-conformist performances are a new, activist form of art that can in some cases be a danger to her life, if people disagree with her ideologies. The documentary focuses on Marvin’s reformist nature and determination to stand up for what she believes in, despite living under a repressive government. This is an eye-opening biographical documentary, that serves as a pressing reminder that art, whilst powerful, can also be dangerous.

Before Queendom is screened, short film directed by Helen Kilbride, Looking for Barbara (2021), will be shown. This Iris Prize-nominated piece celebrates the life and work of pioneering lesbian filmmaker, Barbara Hammer, as well as the impact she had on experimental cinema.

The doors for this event open at 6pm and the schedule of screenings begins at 7pm. Queendom will be shown in Russian with English subtitles, the age certificate is 15 and the running time is 1 hour and 38 minutes.

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4. Liverpool Filmmakers Mixer

Date: Wednesday 21 February
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: Picturehouse at FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

Community-driven production company based in Liverpool, LMF Pictures, was founded upon the belief that everyone should have access to filmmaking tools, no matter their background. Hence, the brilliant organisation hosts monthly mixer events for Liverpool and Northern based filmmakers, giving them a chance to meet and build connections in the industry.

If you’re a filmmaker, this event is perfect for you. The set-up is a casual, safe space for Northern creatives to converse, connect and collaborate on projects. Whether you’re new to the industry, have just emerged as a filmmaker or are an experienced producer in the field – LMF Pictures invites you with open arms. Even if you’re just a film lover, everyone is welcome to come along and socialise with a like-minded group of people.

This event happens every third Wednesday of the month.

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5. Athenaeum Film Nights Presents: Hobson’s Choice

Date: Wednesday 21 February
Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: The Liverpool Athenaeum, 18 Church Alley, Liverpool, L1 3DD

The iconic institution that is the Athenaeum offers the perfect place for entertaining events, surrounded by the rich luxury and history of Liverpool’s City Centre. This February, they are continuing to screen their chosen collection of classic films, this time showcasing 1954 rom-com – Hobson’s Choice.

Based on Harold Brighouse’s 1916 play of the same name, Hobson’s Choice (directed by David Lean),follows Victorian bootmaker and widower, Henry Hobson (played by Charles Laughton). In an 1880 version of Salford, Hobson runs an upmarket boot shop whilst fathering his three grown daughters – Maggie (Brenda de Banzie), Alice (Daphne Anderson) and Vicky (Prunella Scales). When the three girls become eager to get married, Hobson refuses to give his blessing, as paying the settlements for all three is the last thing he wants to do! In a turn of events, the girls manage to outsmart their businessman father…

Guests have been asked to gather in the Newsroom from 6:30pm onwards, before the supper at 7pm. The cinema and Wine Servery will be opening at 8pm and refreshments will be served during the interval.

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