Each Track Combined Forms Their New E.P ‘Verbatim’

Having taken Liverpool by storm with their awe-inspiring live show, Glossom quickly became a band that found themselves at the centre of several niche, musical communities. They released 2 singles recorded at Liverpools Motor Museum at 2015’s end, receiving big props and garnering a lot of attention, finding themselves on ‘Ones to Watch’ lists and opening their arms to a much wider audience.

‘Verbatim’ will be Glossom’s most ambitious and effective project to date. Anticipation for the release is already mounting and with the band taking the inventive approach of releasing one track per day, each with a slick, stylised video recorded live in session at Elevator Studios, excitement for the ‘Verbatim’ to take it’s full, 5-track form on Friday 15th will be palpable.

Their EP Launch show takes place at The Magnet on 15th July. 

To keep to up date with each daily release, visit Glossom’s Facebook page here