Woo Tan Scran; The Lark Lane Plant-Based Chippy Is A Game Changer

There aren’t many places in Liverpool that could come close to Woo Tan Scran. Not only is it potentially the best tasting chippy I’ve ever had, but it’s also plant-based. Situated on Lark Lane, Woo Tan Scran identified a gap in the market for a vegan fast food establishment in Liverpool and have taken the idea and made it an entire entity and brand.

I know a lot of vegans, and I also know a lot of non-vegans, and from my own experience, the biggest disagreements they often have is taste and quality. “If I could get plant based ingredients that tasted just as good as meat, I’d go vegan straight away,” is a quote one of my friends said to me. This may be the case, but if it truly is the case and you are looking for that example of vegan food tasting as good as non-vegan food, Woo Tan Scran is definitely the place to start.

I am a simple man, I love Wu-Tang Clan, puns and salt and pepper, and this chippy offers the best of all three. During lockdown, the chippy have relied heavily on collection-only and delivery services. However pre-lockdown, on a Friday night, you’d struggle to find a place to stand in there while waiting for your order, looking at the wall on which the staff have directly written the menu using a marker. There’s good reason why it’s so popular – it tastes phenomenal. There are few things a scouser loves more than a salt and pepper box, and I’d imagine one of those few things is an ethically conscious salt and pepper box and this is definitely one of those. In the salt and pepper box, you get the vegan version of spring rolls, meatballs, nuggets, chips and prawn toast, and your choice of a pot of either mild or hot curry sauce. 

Woo Tan Scran

I’m not a vegan, so I have no reason to try and justify why the vegan alternative to a chippy is better than a regular chippy other than the taste, and I can confidently say, as a man who has eaten a fair amount of chippys in his life, you’d struggle to find a better one in Liverpool. The prawn toast was definitely the best I had ever tasted, and the common problem you often find with salt and pepper boxes – everything going soggy after 3 minutes – did not happen anywhere near as quickly with this one. The freshness of the ingredients was noticeable in the crunch from the nuggets and spring rolls, and you could tell they had not been sitting out for a while waiting for someone to come in and order them. 

At the minute, Woo Tan Scran are only available for delivery and have expanded their radius since pre lockdown in order to bring the plant based goodness to as many people as possible. With England slowly returning to life pre-lockdown, if you are near Lark Lane (or it’s not too long a drive) and you fancy a chippy, I really can’t see why you’d be going anywhere else. 

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Daniel Hunter