Whitmore & White: where fine wines are on tap and the brownies are as sweet as they look. 

I’ve been writing for Liverpool Noise about all things arts and food in the city for a good few years now so I think it’s about time I came clean and told you all the truth… I actually live on the Wirral. Yep that’s right, I’m a Wirral ‘ead, a plastic scouser, a wool, whatever you want to call it but let me tell ya somethin’ else – there are some pretty boss places to grab a bevvy and a scran over on The Dark Side. One of my new personal favourites is a cute little deli come food hall come wine merchants right by the beach in West Kirby going by the name of Whitmore & White.

Myself and my partner in dine (PID) were kindly invited there this weekend for an evening of indulgent tipples and luxurious nibbles. Now I knew we’d be in for a treat because Whitmore & White actually has 3 branches (West Kirby, Heswall and Frodsham) with one of them being one of my go-to locals when I’m after something a bit special. I’m pleased to report the guys at Whitmore & White West Kirby didn’t disappoint – 10/10 would totally recommend. Before you hop on the 437 though, keep scrolling for a full break down of what we enjoyed and what’s on offer from fine wines on tap and £15 gin boards to continental delicacies and the chunkiest brownies this side of the Mersey.

Whitmore & White Wine

Sitting pretty on the bustling bend of Banks Road, this intimate gaff is one heck of a sun trap. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and plonked ourselves in the window, overlooking the beautiful Wirral coastline. Absolute bliss. On arrival we were shown straight to the ‘By the Glass’ machine which is a nifty little piece of machinery that stores premium house wines at specific temperatures for up to 3 weeks once opened. Designed to allow customers to indulge in lavish vinos at more affordable by-the-glass prices, it comes as no surprise that Whitmore & White was packed to the rafters with beach bums enjoying a late afternoon drink right through to the more sophisticated Saturday night revellers later on.

Now I have to admit, wine isn’t really my bag so their impressive floor to ceiling repertoire of old and new world grapes were kinda wasted on me (sorry Dad) but the gin collection? Well now we’re talking. While my PID sipped her way through a chilled Le Domaine d’Henri Chablis, I dived head first into an Old Tom and tonic garnished expertly with lemon rind. As the sun set and the hours passed, I moved onto a more fruity member of the gin family and found my new all time favourite – Brockmans gin. A gorgeous, light gin with flavours of blueberry and raspberry was a total treat for the tastebuds and my 1724 Tonic bottles were so pretty I even took them home with me to upcycle. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gin connoisseur, be sure to ask about the £15 gin board which lets you test out 3 gins by mixing them yourself with various tonic and garnishes.

Whitmore & White West Kirby Food

I ended the night on a rich Negroni cocktail that was a classic concoction of Vermouth, Campari and gin all on the rocks in equal measures. This baby had been smoked in store for 3 weeks and it most certainly packed a punch. Let’s just say, it was a good job we’d been treated to lots of fabulous food throughout the evening to counteract the effects or they would have never gotten rid of us! We were instantly tempted by the Italian charcuterie board after mooching around the continental meats in store which came complete with cured pork shoulder, salami, prosciutto, olives, pickles, onion jam and smoked almonds. Yum. Party in the mouth and all for a measly £13 too.

We got some five seed bread on the side which, like all of the bread in store, is baked daily at Nova Restaurant in Heswall. That’s one of the most awesome things about Whitmore & White – they combine local, independent brands with the big dogs to provide you with a mish mash of irresistible magic. Everything you can eat or drink on the menu there is available to buy in the shop or baked upstairs in the kitchen so you’re never left wondering where on earth you can get your hands on those pistachio meringues or that insanely moist brownie that didn’t even touch the sides. There’s even plenty of goodies for those gluten dodgers out there too.

Whitmore & White isn’t your average grocery store or lite bite cafe so if you’re just after a loaf of Milk Roll or a baked spud with beans then carry on walking a little further to the Morrison’s just down the road. However if you like your luxury conserves, your Prestat chocolate truffles and your Chilli Gourmet spices, or if you’re willing to sink your teeth into new things like cuttlefish ink, mustard ketchup or elderflower rice pudding then you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop here. Oh and before you go, don’t forget to check out the list of upcoming wine tasting and food sampling events on the Whitemore & White Events page here – see you there!

Stephanie Whalley