Have you been looking for ways to keep yourself occupied in Liverpool this winter? Whether you’re visiting the city and want to make the most of its attractions, or if you already live here but want to experience more, we’ve summarised some of the top 8 things to do in Liverpool this winter. Hopefully, this will help you enjoy the time off with friends and family. And, best of all, they’re all free, so you won’t need to win the lottery by playing the Irish Lotto online or work overtime for months in advance to be able to afford these attractions either!

Top 8 Things to Do in Liverpool this Winter

As winter approaches, it can be easy to lock yourself inside and wrap up warm by the fire – and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, getting out and about this winter can offer many exceptional sights – and some of the following points could be excellent attractions for your own holidaying!

1. Museum of Liverpool

What better choice for free things to do in Liverpool this winter than visiting none other than the city’s iconic museum itself? A stunning building that covers all of Liverpool’s rich and diverse history, it could be a great way to spend some time out of the house this winter with the family.

2. Liverpool Central Library

Reading – it’s a pastime that’s just as relevant today as it was in the past (after all, you’re reading this article now, aren’t you?) With that being said, many of us have begun to lose passion for reading hard copies of books – but at the iconic Liverpool Central Library, you’ll surely feel motivated to sit back with a book and relax for a few hours. It’s massive and features stunning architectural design, too, so even if you only visit for the sights, it’s well worth stopping by.

3. Visit Tate Liverpool

As one of the country’s largest galleries, Tate Liverpool should definitely be on your list of attractions to visit this winter! This iconic destination often hosts numerous free events and exhibitions, making it a potentially excellent choice to consider for your holiday or time off work.

4. International Slavery Museum

It might be a less upbeat listing, but a visit to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is sure to be that will leave you feeling humbled. It’s a harrowing experience that tells the history of slavery within our nation. Still, it’s so crucial that we all remember these events to ensure that the messages of anti-slavery campaigns are never forgotten.

Indeed, as is written on the walls of the museum, “They will remember that we were sold, but not that we were strong. They will remember that we were bought, but not that we were brave.” – William Prescott.

5. Crosby Beach

You might not think about visiting the beach in winter – but if you wrap up warm and pick a milder day, you can potentially enjoy the almost fifty miles of coastline on offer at Liverpool nigh-on undisturbed! There’s something quite exhilarating about visiting the beach in winter, so you could definitely consider this option if you’re looking for something a bit different.

6. Sefton Park

You’ll want to wrap up warm for a visit to Sefton Park this winter, but it’s still one of the best destinations to visit in Liverpool all year round. The site itself sits on a massive 235 acres and is Grade 1 listed; moreover, if you’d rather wrap up in the warm, then Palm House offers a café, children’s playground, and more.

7. Look Out for Liverpool Public Art

It might not be an attraction, per se, but Liverpool is an exceptionally cultural city, with so many different influences and styles. With this in mind, while there is, unfortunately, some graffiti in places ruining the image, there are also hundreds of stunning and iconic street art pieces, sculptures, and more that will really make your visit exciting. Even for residents of Liverpool, there’s always something new to discover around this stunning city’s pathways!

8. Bluecoat

As the creative hub for Liverpool, a visit to Bluecoat will be a memorable one. Indeed, this stunning and expansive property features four galleries, as well as a stunning and well-manicured gardens. In many instances, the setting is also host to craft events and the like, if you’d like to support local crafters – but if not and you’d prefer to keep the experience entirely free, that’s fine too.


There’s so much to see and do in Liverpool, and with more and more of us choosing to staycation, considering some of the local attractions could definitely be a good choice! Luckily, we’ve summarised some of what we consider to be the top 8 things to do in Liverpool this winter, so you can have an amazing day out. Regardless of whether you’re visiting our stunning city on holiday or just want some time to spend with the family, these attractions might just be an excellent option!