Tips For A Boat Holiday In Tenerife: What To See And Do In A Weekend

Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands of the Canaries. Also, it’s the island with the largest number of visitors, thanks to its diversity of landscapes and numerous things to see and do. Tenerife has at least something for every visitor, from sports competitions and parties to great weather across the year.

Even if you’re visiting the island for charter Tenerife boat trips, great beaches or warm winter weather, you also need to spend some time travelling and discovering its numerous natural wonders and beautiful traditional cities, where you can taste the native architecture and culture.

Read on to discover more about boat holidays in Tenerife and things you can do and see on weekends.

Boat Holiday in Tenerife Tips

Tenerife offers different types of boat trips that you need to know before travelling to this great island. You need to understand your expectations and preferences before you can start and complete the booking process to get on the right boat trip. Ordering a boat in Tenerife is relatively easier as long as you understand what you need.

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is that the boat can be chartered with or without a captain, as it depends on whether you have a captain’s licence or not. The main types of boat trips and charter Tenerife sailing options available to pick from include the following:

  • Tenerife private or sailing charters if you want
  • an exclusive experience
  • Submarine boat trips
  • Boat hire Tenerife if you want to explore the island’s waters by yourself
  • Tenerife speed boat trips
  • Big wooden ship boat trips
  • Sailing yachts regular boat trips
  • Big commercial catamaran’s regular boat trips
Tips For A Boat Holiday In Tenerife - What To See And Do In a Weekend

Things to See and Do

There are numerous things to see and do in Tenerife. Its stretch of the Atlantic Ocean provides opportunities to see and do many things, which makes it a bucket list destination for many travellers. Whale-watching Tenerife boat trips are available across the year, and the conditions are favourable for kite-surfing. You can also discover dramatic underwater seascapes as well as a host of marine life.

Explore the UnderWater

The harbour of San Miguel, which is very spacious, features a submarine tour in Tenerife. Each submarine trip has a tour guide on board who’ll provide a detailed explanation about the dive. Once you onboard the submarine, you’ll be allocated a seat, in front of large viewing ports, ensuring full watching pleasure to the underwater outside world.

The submarine takes a maximum of 30 guests and drives to explore underwater. While it’s a one-hour tour trip, it is worth it as you’ll have a great experience with underwater life. You’ll discover different spices of fish and all the popular rays. All windows of the submarine are clear to allow you to see everything in the deep ocean.

Tips For A Boat Holiday In Tenerife - What To See And Do In a Weekend

Explore the Coast of Tenerife

You can explore the coast of Tenerife using different types of boats. You can use sailing charters, speed boats, sailing yachts, pirate ship boats or catamaran boats. If you love privacy, then catamaran boats, sailing charters, and pirate ship boats aren’t ideal for you.

These options usually include many guests travelling together to explore the coast of Tenerife. Speed boats are a perfect choice for those who fancy privacy and want to see more in less time. You’ll move faster across the waters in a shorter time as you explore more.

Other things you can see and do in Tenerife that offer unique experiences include outdoor activities, fun nights out and nature exploration. With these helpful tips, things to do and see and useful information, you can now plan a perfect and successful trip to Tenerife.


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