A track so simple, wholesome and playful that it tickles the eardrums, leaving a fruitful earworm that reminds you of the heroism of our keyworkers.

The New Space Finders are a pop-indie duo made up of Liverpudlian Sean O’Neill and his partner Jenny from Montreal. The couple have molded themselves under unconventional lifestyles; from living in a bender in the woods for 10 years with no electricity to hitchhiking through Africa. This lifestyle seems to bleed into their creative ability, allowing them to cultivate a sound of weightless freedom that reclaims the vigour of early 2000s indie rock.

The track Superheroes, originally written for their children to sing and dance to on their organic farm in Cornwall, pays homage to the keyworkers in this global pandemic in an effortless yet fun-loving manner, with an original Banksy artwork to accompany it (Supposedly sanctioned by the man himself!). 

With an old rock-esque riff and a light pitter patter on the tambourine, the song feeds you an energy that will have you longing for a walk amongst a field on a serene summer’s day. This, accompanied with Jenny’s soft vocal delivery, creates a childlike zest that leaves you curious as to what is evoked internally in order to create such a lush state of mind. With the odd guitar and flute solo sporadically thrown in here and there, adjacent to the sound of bones, the listener truly feels like they are indulging in the free-loving hippie lifestyle that this couple seem to stem from. 

When it comes to their attitude towards music, the song seems to speak for itself in that they play for themselves and their family. For these two, this is a song written for their children. If anyone else come across it and feeds off of its energy, its merely a bonus. 

Listen to The New Space Finders, Superheroes on Spotify.

Harry Breen