Back with a new single taken from their debut album, Electric Ghost Graffiti, scouse band The New Icons bring a nostalgic and retro feel to the local music scene. 

This month, we’re channelling The New Icons’ latest single Loner into your earholes! After a successful release of their melancholy first single Everyone Knows and their new album Electric Ghost Graffiti, this second single ‘Loner’ promises great things from the local ensemble. 

The band are lead singer Anthony Hart’s newest project, returning to the music scene after a brief hiatus as The New Icons, and they do not disappoint. The tracks are from the band’s debut album, Electric Ghost Graffiti, a strong release that harks back to the days of drunken dancing and heady tunes with heavy influences of both the psychedelic rock and indie music scenes. This new track is chicken soup for the nostalgic soul, reviving the feel of a bygone era with the influence of bands like Pink Floyd obvious in their new music, as well as being comparable to local contemporaries like Lost Faces. 

The New Icons – Loner Video

From what we can gather this is exactly the kind of effect that Anthony Hart wants to create with the release of this new music, obvious from the style of the Loner music video. The video itself is a compilation of footage from Liverpool in the 60’s and 70’s, which alongside the band’s single amplifies the retro tone and transports the listener back to a time of carefree irresponsibility. And do you know what? With everything going on at the moment, and all of us on the precipice of a second lockdown after we’ve just clawed back some sense of normality, why not transport yourself back with this new single and live in blissful ignorance for four minutes of your day? 

The layers of guitar riffs combined with the husky vocals of Anthony Hart, vibrating with his notable Liverpudlian tones, leave your skin crawling as you sink into this new single. And honestly, we just can’t wait to hear what the band has in store next. 

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Marnie Holleron-Silk