The Let Go revamp the 80s synth pop sound with a modern indie twist in their latest single City of Angels, accompanied with a fruitfully retro music video. 

In 2019, The Let Go began gaining a fair bit of attention from the local scene with their catchy rock-pop track Act One. Since then, the indie-pop duo have been keeping busy by continuing to cultivate their aesthetic of 80s glam, whilst simultaneously progressing their musical ability. Their latest single City of Angels works as a statement for a band that is ready to start rising amongst the big names of indie-pop, with a fitting message of the desire to inhabit the city of L.A.

The track features synths and drum machines that work to combine both a retro and contemporary sound; utilising an 80s style synth with a dense amount of hi-hats on the drum machine, giving the song a dash lo-fi hip-hop influence that seems to persists within modern pop. Loaded with pop-culture references for the appeal of 90s and 00s kids, the lyricism captures the essence of longing for a Hollywood lifestyle yet wishing to do little to attain it. The chorus simply repeats the phrase ‘City of Angels’ over psychedelic synthesizers and guitars, allowing the song to have a dreamlike quality to it, until it closes with the phrase ‘Don’t you want me now?’. 

The music video compliments the songs simple and drowsy aura whilst maintaining its quirky 80s feel. Utilising a series of pastel coloured backdrops, The Let Go effortlessly perform the song with the occasional close-up of images that coincide with the lyricism. The entire aesthetic of the video reflects their ambient vibe perfectly whilst adhering to 80s iconography of roller-skates and grainy filters, yet still having a modern quality to it through its tame yet quirky nature that coincides with indie-pop conventions. 

After laying the foundation for their listenership these last few years with catchy pop-rock tracks, The Let Go are sure to flood the playlists of the indie-pop kids with this new number. Considering the production value of the accompanying music video, we can assume that its fruitfully retro aesthetic will trigger a wave of virality amongst their desired audience.  

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Harry Breen