The New Year as ever comes with promises of change. Dry January, resolutions and all that jazz. However some old habits never die hard. Liverpool’s genuine no nonsense rock’n’rollers The Kairos return with a second single Teetotal that is filled with all of the elements that their fan base have come to love. This follow up to first single Money Mind is another passionate and aggressive nod to society that leaves your feet pounding the canvas and ears ringing.

We are counted in then a heavy drumbeat and roaring guitars in the background mean that we along with The Kairos explode out of the starting blocks. The local four piece ask questions of us throughout. The notion of nights being long before being back in work at ten, followed by a striking enquiry of “what on Earth are you today?” The atmosphere feels very smoky and exhilarating. The setting feels very 2am at Mojo as we ask our own question of whether it’s home time or not. Teetotal bounces off the four walls and strides you back to the bar to carry on the festivities. Chaos ensues throughout and the pace set is relentless. Armed with a catchy and pounding chorus, The Kairos swagger into the final salvo and sign off in style. A vigorous guitar solo reverberates full of heart and belief before the track tapers off into the distance. Into the hazy night sky.

In all, the track is a continuation of The Kairos solid work to date. A continuation of their vibe and an insistence that their stall is very firmly set. We appreciate experiment from artists but there is plenty of time for that. These boys are just getting started and the excitement cannot be downplayed. Sometimes we just want to hear the hits. Thank you for playing the hits, we can’t wait for the next one.

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Jamie Hankin