The new single, ‘Waiting on the Sun’, is another indication of just how far The Jackobins have come musically. The track begins with a spare yet catchy melody, which quickly fills out as different instrumental sounds add more and more texture to the introduction. The tune gains momentum as each new layer falls into place. By the time Dominic Bassnett’s vocals join the fray, the listener is already ensnared by the complex and sophisticated harmonies produced by the rest of the band.

As we have come to expect, ‘Waiting for the Sun’ features fine indie rock, soaring vocals and a memorable chorus. These are trademarks of The Jackobin’s sound, one of the reasons the band are rising stars of the indie music scene in the North West. The way this new single is composed shows a true understanding of what it takes to produce a slick, enjoyable track. Many bands would give a great deal to be able to achieve this level of polish and sheer professionalism. As ever, the band work perfectly together, finding their own level. Nothing is out of place here. The rough edges of their older tracks have gone, showing a new confidence. Dominic Bassnett continues to be one of the strongest vocalists I have seen, the sheer range and potency of his voice never fails to amaze me, whilst the rest of the band continue to play to perfection.

Currently playing sold out gigs around the country, The Jackobins go from strength to strength. For those of us who have followed them for a while, this is no surprise, as their star quality has always been apparent. If you are new to the band, ‘Waiting for the Sun’ could be a good introduction, a pre- cursor to the long awaited album. No longer Liverpool’s best kept secret, The Jackobins continue to garner support around the country and beyond. ‘Waiting in the Sun’ is just another rung climbed on the ladder of success.

Roxy Gillespie