Following a headline hometown show last September and supporting slots alongside esteemed acts such as Temples & Cut Glass Kings, local five piece The Heavy North look to accelerate their momentum in 2020. Their latest single Lying to Yourself would appear to be a perfect way of doing just that. 

A gentle drum beat and nonchalant bass line kick start the track as we enter a soulful, bluesy opening salvo. The front man begins his assault on perceived persona and the attitude of deceitful characters in society. Lyrics are direct and really hit home from the starting blocks. The chorus then strikes along with the realisation that we have perhaps been led into a false sense of security. The prior relaxed tone is pounded out of the park as the drums explode, the string section hiss and the vocals follow suit before bringing us back down again into the verses that intertwine. 

Watch The Heavy North – Lying To Yourself (Official Video)

The deviations throughout from the blues natured verses and the dingy garage rock inspired chorus provides the perfect contrast and knits the track together expertly. The second chorus is followed by a resounding guitar solo that swaggers for almost a minute and leaves a lasting impression as we approach the conclusion and final damning indictment. The Heavy North sign off in style allowing the crashing chorus to play out to the room. 

Lying to Yourself sounds incredible on the record but it leaves a thirst and desire to digest this soundbite in a live setting. A dusty chamber of noise where we can really get our teeth into this number along with the rest of The Heavy North’s growing impressive set. The type of arena that in light of recent events, we as a city may have to fight to keep hold of. Please sign the petition if you haven’t already. Please listen to Lying to Yourself if you haven’t already. You will not be disappointed.

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Lying To Yourself is available to stream on all major platforms from 4 May.

Jamie Hankin