There’s one thing that can be said about the current live music scene, boosted from the depths, is that its diversity and quality never fails to amaze us.

Relatively fresh from their debut singles Don’t You Wait For Me and The Night Don’t Give No Love in November 2018, The Heavy North have leap-frogged from gig to gig and picking up momentum as they go. Championed by the likes of BBC’s Janice Long and Chris Hawkins, their sound combines their blues-rock and old-school rock with a gritty twist to both encapsulate and throw back to an era of music where musicality was king.

The Liverpool 5-piece have taken on all manner of events since their debut and gone on to perform at LIMF, Liverpool Digital Music Festival and supported bands such as Temples and LA’s Dead Poet Society among many other fantastic accolades.

The Heavy North’s latest single Awake will feature in their yet-to-be-released debut album Electric Soul Machine. This latest single begins as unapologetically as it continues. Straight in – no messing around. A driving verse with a catchy and crunchy guitar riff makes way for harmony and soaring organ motifs for their slap-in-the-face chorus. A quick delve into the lyrics uncover the meaning behind the title, but frontman Kenny Stuart goes a bit further.

“Awake talks about the “woke” movement, but also about recognising that problems can’t always be solved by getting offended, or expecting the world to change around them. If anything, this can often create a bigger divide”.

“Instead, it’s about finding that common ground and the things that unite us, as most of the time we’re all in the same boat and face similar problems”.

 With a string of dates on the way to supplement the release of the album in January 2022 (available for pre-order) including headline shows in Birmingham (Dead Wax, 16 Oct), Manchester (22 Oct, Retro), Liverpool (5 Nov, Jimmys – SOLD OUT) and London (The Fiddler, 11 Nov), you don’t have to wait too long to hear their newest single for yourselves which is released today.

A cracking band with an excellent sound, their live shows are truly where the energy will thrive so make sure to show your support. You’ll see us there at the front row anyway.

Stream The Heavy North’s Awake now.

Michael Fell