In a city like Liverpool you can always expect to hear great guitar bands with electrifying rock/pop sounds and the success story of bands like Clean Cut Kid has been fantastic to see but what about other genres which may not get as much of a look in? That’s where we want to introduce Eyeden.

Eyeden is a 21 year old rapper/singer who splits his time between Liverpool and Coventry who has been making accessible RnB over the last couple of years and his momentum has picked up in the last couple of months so much so that we felt compelled to feature him on Liverpool Noise.

We first met Deniz Eyeden, known just as Eyeden musically, a few years ago and his work ethic hasn’t changed one bit; constantly hustling and making things happen for himself.

Eyeden raps and sings with perfect melody and catchy hooks, flowing easily from bar to bar. Fans of Drake will appreciate Eyeden’s sound. He has been working hard to release a new song for his fans every Monday and his songs have grew in maturity from this experience of relentless songwriting.

His story telling ability is to be admired in tracks like The Old You and Yesteryears In Leicestershire which keep the listener hanging on every word. Eyeden shows his ability to mix up the tempo with songs like Girls Clothes Money Drink and Do It Like Me with uptempo beats and confident lyricism.

A lot of his music benefits from his delicate, well delivered vocals complimenting his rapping verses. Cry is a stand out for us, once you hear the chorus it’s stuck in the brain for days. Eyeden seems to have developed the right balance with his music – he’s got quality rapping ability and is able to show his softer side with his melodic vocals.

For more information and to keep up with Eyeden’s latest releases check out his Facebook page here and you can subscribe to his youtube channel here.