The Bombed Out Church Garden Bar is serving up Turncoat Gin, Liverpool Brewing Company beer and pizzas this summer.

What better place to sit and enjoy a drink or two than under the watchful eye of the St. Luke’s Church? (Aka – The Bombed Out/The Place Where You Get Dropped Off in a Taxi) 
With Liverpool city centre being stretched out and so many wonderful places opening up in the outskirts, you’d be hard pressed to put your finger on the ‘centre’. However, from the creativity of the Baltic Triangle crowd to the class and sass of the Seven Streets area, the Bombed Out Church is one of the most famous landmarks we have that embodies the spirit of Liverpool and has the ability to bring people together.
The Bombed Out Church Garden Bar
Completed in 1832 and made predominantly of sandstone, it’s mainly remembered now for having withstood, albeit losing the interior and roof, the force of a blitz raid in 1941 also causing damage to the original bells and organ that was inside.
With its uniqueness, it allowed access to many events and parties, giving a new lease of life to the grounds. It’s always been a focal point for festivals and parades, and with the introduction of the new semi-permanent outdoor area, it’s finally the chance for it to become a venue in its own right.
The Bombed Out Church Garden Bar Pizza
Hosted by the Make Events team, who brought you the brilliant Gin & Beer festivals, they’ve set out to bring a safe outdoor area where you can enjoy the likes of Turncoat Gin and Liverpool Brewing Company while taking in the beautiful garden area of St Luke’s.
We have to say Turncoat Ginhave brought their A-game when it comes to their wood-fired pizzas that you can order, along with their vast drinks menu, using the QR codes on your table. The staff all adhering to physical distancing makes this a wonderful experience, and one we can highly recommend for your next jaunt!
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Michael Fell