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The Best Milkshakes In Liverpool

The ultimate list of the best milkshakes in Liverpool with vegan shakes too.

The Best Milkshakes In Liverpool

Moose Coffee 

Best Milkshakes in Liverpool Moose Coffee


One of the best brunch places in town, Moose also offers some of the best shakes in town. It’s always busy and that’s always a good sign.

The Midnight Delivery

The Best Milkshakes In Liverpool The Midnight Delivery

If you’re craving a late night milkshake fix then The Midnight Delivery have got you covered. You can create your own milkshake chooseing from a range of tops and sauces including Biscoff and White Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Cherry Bakewell. They’ve also got loads of your favourite chocolate bars as flavours like Galaxy, Kinder Bueno, Mint Areo, Oreo and many more.

Barley & Beans

Barley and Beans Milkshakes


Now this is next level. No words are needed for Barley & Beans, just look at that picture!!

Rockpoint Records

Best Milkshakes In Liverpool Rockpoint Records

Rockpoint Records in New Brighton is such a cool hangout across the water. It’s a record shop, tattoo parlour and cafe. Their milkshakes are amazing, including the pictured and highly recommended, Raspberry Ripple.


Best Milkshakes in Liverpool Koop


If you like washing down amazing chicken with equally amazing milkshakes then Koop has you sorted. The Kinder Koop – Kinder Bueno & banana is our highlight.

Treaty Pie

Best Milkshakes in Liverpool Treaty Pie Milk Bottle Milkshake

Treaty Pie are spoliling us with their choice of shakes. They have Brownie Topped Shakes (yes that’s a chocolate brownie on the lid of your shake), milk bottle shakes and create your own shakes. Plus they offer vegan shakes. In terms of choice and quality these really are the best milkshakes in Liverpool. There, we said it!


Best Milkshakes In Liverpool Archie's


If you can handle the bright pink interior, then congratulations you’ve earned yourself an Archie’s shake. There’s too many flavours to name, just try them!

Best Vegan Shakes in Liverpool

Down The Hatch

Down the Hatch Vegan Milkshakes

Down The Hatch serve up some amazing milk free shakes with Mint, Strawberry, Caramel and Vanilla to choose from.

Frost Burgers

Vegan Milkshakes Liverpool Frost Burgers

Frost Burgers use their soft serve vegan ice cream to make their shakes with Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie, Banana and Bubblegum flavours available.

Have we missed anywhere off our Best Milkshakes in Liverpool guide? Let us know in the comments below.


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