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The Best Greek Restaurants In Liverpool

Liverpool’s dining scene boasts a Mediterranean flair with its selection of Greek eateries that promise to transport your taste buds to the Aegean shores. From cosy tavernas serving up hearty traditional dishes to modern establishments offering a chic twist on Hellenic classics, there’s a Greek restaurant to suit every palate.

So, whether you’re craving a meze feast or a sumptuous gyro, get ready to say “Opa!” to the flavours of Greece, right here in the heart of the Mersey. Here’s our guide to the best Greek restaurants in Liverpool.


Best Greek Restaurants In Liverpool - Zorbas Leece Street

Zorbas is the city’s longest-standing Greek restaurant and is by far one of the best. Enchanting diners with live bouzouki music on select evenings, this family-run restaurant offers an authentic dining experience. Their signature moussaka is a culinary masterpiece, perfectly complemented by an array of exceptionally fresh and flavourful seafood options. For dessert, indulge in their unique baklava cheesecake, a treat sure to leave a lasting impression.

Christakis (Aigburth Road)

Best Greek Restaurants In Liverpool - Christakis

Christakis is a vibrant celebration of Greek culture and cuisine. Nestled on Aigburth Road, this lively restaurant serves up a tantalising array of traditional Greek dishes, from sizzling souvlaki to creamy moussaka, in an atmosphere that’s as warm and welcoming as the Mediterranean sun. With its authentic décor and spirited ambiance, Christakis offers a slice of Greece right in the heart of Liverpool.

Greek Taverna (Waterloo & Bold Street)

Best Greek Restaurants In Liverpool - Greek Taverna

We had to start with Tripadvisor’s highest-rated Greek establishment; Greek Taverna, with restaurants located in Waterloo and on Bold Street in the city centre. They are authentic Greek restaurants serving authentic Greek tastes through their Tapas, A La Carte and drinks menus. Enjoy their selection of Greek drinks, including the classic ouzo, mythos beer and Makedonikis wine.


Best Greek Restaurants in Liverpool - Retsina

Retsina is a rustic, family-run restaurant on Derby Lane in the eastern neighbourhood of Old Swan. The blue and white traditional decor makes it a standout little eatery in the area. The restaurant is open for evening meals Thursday-Sunday, including their Meze Retsina, a Greek banquet of various appetisers and main dishes for £22.90 per person. Husband and wife team Mel and Biba have built up Retsina for the last 20 years, taking pride in the love and care that goes into preparing their food, and their friendly customer service.

Greek Mythos at GPO Food Hall

Best Greek Restaurants in Liverpool - Greek Mythos

Greek Mythos is a secret Greek treasure at the GPO Food Hall in Liverpool’s Metquarter building. Their menu has Greek favourites like moussaka and souvlaki, plus some creative new takes on these dishes. For lunch, they offer a generous £6 meal deal that includes a wrap and soft drink, perfect for an on-the-go lunch break. If you’re still hungry, try some baklava or kataifi for dessert.


Best Greek Restaurants In Liverpool - Souvla

With locations in Central and South Liverpool and formerly known as Grilla, Souvla is sought after for its range of gyros, souvlaki, schnitzel, homemade Swedish meatballs and seafood. Their early-bird menu includes two courses for £12.50 and is available Monday-Friday at set times. Vegetarians need not worry as there are plenty of veggie options, including tasty veggie wraps and vegan souvlaki.

Greek Gyros Grill

Best Greek Restaurants in Liverpool - Greek Gyros Grill

Greek Gyros Grill is a cosy little Greek and Mediterranean restaurant on Prescot Road, Old Swan. There are a handful of tables in the restaurant and the delicious meals are available for takeout or delivery. Their lunchtime meal deal features a Gyros wrap and extra chips for £8, available in-store or pick up only. They also serve a range of homemade desserts, including Galaktoboureko (Custard Pie), Sokolatopita (Greek Chocolate Pie), and Baklava of course.


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