Spark 'Lemonade' Single Review
100%Overall Score

Let’s aim straight for the bullseye. I just love the way this tune starts with a can being opened and someone slurping down a drink – presumably lemonade. But don’t be caught out by such a jokey start, as this is a really well thought out production to a quirky off beat composition. And well worth play-list rotation.

The whole enterprise works so well, from the arch lyrics, the louche laid back delivery of front man  Mike Blue, the stoner walking bass line, intelligent drumming which smartly complements the song, and a guitar solo which starts out bluesy, then mutates into a Steve Hackett / Brian May mash-up.

In fact, Lemonade just creates its own universe, one which is cool and laid back, and in which we all need to join and chill. And smile.This tune is an insidious ear worm which you can’t shake. If this is an indication of what is to come, I can’t wait. Its an obvious pun, but I simply can’t resist: sweet lemonade may well turn into crisp champagne for Spark.

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Steve Kinrade