This cosy bistro had sneaked right under my radar until I had the chance to visit for a spot of Saturday lunch. Tucked away between Liverpool’s trailblazing Baltic Triangle and Chinatown, this café offers a quiet alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city centre, while remaining in walking distance of Liverpool One and other hotspots.

Siren @ 54 St James Street is part of a new development; opened in 2011, 54 St James Street is home to the Women’s Organisation, and is a unique modern build offering everything from conference spaces to virtual offices. However, far from feeling corporate and cold, Siren manages to fuse a light and contemporary space with a comfortable vintage feel – everything from the plush sofas to home baked cakes and quaint bunting gives a warm welcome to hungry customers looking for lunch.

With a brand new and improved lunch menu, Siren is perfect if you’re looking for anything from a leisurely breakfast to a quick-fix dinner. The menu at first glance looks sparse; it’s not until you look closer than you realise it’s varied and uncomplicated, accommodating your strictest vegetarian to your most savage meat lover.

And surprise, surprise ladies and gentlemen…I am the latter. As I often do, I left my lady-likemanners at the door (which, in fairness, are scant anyway) ordering the meatball sandwich. Coated with a thick tomato sauce, the meatballs were tender and didn’t fall apart like my homemade counterparts. Served on a wholemeal bloomer, with grilled spring onions, this was a meal that John Montagu himself would salivate over (he’s the Earl of Sandwich, don’t cha know).

But imagine my dismay, however, when I couldn’t find fries on the menu? Luckily for me, my sideof fried new potatoes made for a refreshing change from the spuds sometimes tedious chipped cousin. I’ll definitely be going back to sample more of the sweet potato fries that were seasoned to perfection.

For all my fellow meat lovers, you may want to make the most of this apparent Indian summer the media is trying to convince us we’re having and head down to the Siren BBQ. It’s a steal at £10 for all you can eat, and on those rainy days (which are likely to be more often than not) you can always sample their delicious hot dog bar.

And the hospitality given to your wallet doesn’t stop there – a sumptuous lunch for two, with sides and drinks cost less than 20 English pounds.

Overall: This charming yet modern eatery fits in well with the re-emerging Baltic Triangle, offering a glimpse at the cities past and a taste of its future. But beware: if you fancy the meatballs, take a bib!

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Storm Rannard