I have always found myself being drawn to words and names that sound interesting: “Seprona” is one of them. I like the way the name trips of the tongue; it’s one of those words that you actually enjoy saying – Seprona! And when you delve into Professor Wiki’s Old Grey Almanac, Seprona also stands for the unit of the Spanish Civil Guard responsible for nature conservation and management of the hunting and fishing industry. So not only does the word sound good, but it represents a unit of men and women doing good things with good intentions. Seprona! 

However, this Seprona are a Liverpool based band that have been on-line since the middle of the last decade. The obligatory trip down Spotify’s musical catalogue plots their development within the pleasant indie bubble that they practice their craft. Between 2015’s Monster and last year’s The World’s End, you can see how they have developed their musicianship, song-writing and sound.

The production has become slick and polished over these years, culminating in their latest offering Lost In The Lonely Hearts, a track that should have all the radio producer’s salivating with anticipation. It really does tick every conceivable box: great vocals, heroic guitar licks, nice breakdowns leading to the soaring musical bursts, and the obligatory anthemic stadium- friendly chorus. With a fair wind and the alignment of the musical stars this should receive – and deserve – saturation radio play. This track reminds me of Blossoms Charlemagne. PRS should be busy. 

Now Seprona might not be everybody’s cup of musical tea, but they should be congratulated for having a clear vision with regard to their artistic development. They plotted their course, and never strayed. Don’t be surprised if Lost In The Lonely Hearts gets played to absolute death, and don’t begrudge them if it happens. They will have deserved it. 

Lost In The Lonely Hearts out on Friday 28 February.

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Steve Kinrade