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Scouse Flow And Lyrical Brilliance On Display From KOJ With New Track ‘A Reminder’

Liverpool finally feels like it’s getting its foot back in the door of exciting and emerging artists that are pushing genres and creating platforms and a demand for their music. 

New scouse talent and rap artist KOJ is doing just that. His new single A Reminder has been bubbling away for the last week creating a lot of excitement. This release marks the beginning of a series of singles, culminating in an EP Villain With A Conscience

If you’re already a fan of Liverpool’s rap scene, you’ll already be aware of the fantastic collaborations between artists and the community it seems to have garnered. 

A Reminder takes us back a little further, knocking on the door of old-school hip hop where samples would often get taken and spun into new levels. One look at Amen, brother shows us the scope of what can be done with relatively small beginnings. 

A Reminder serves as an example of KOJ’s signature ability to fuse genres, here mixing between the electric rawness of UK grime culture and the classic swag of hip-hop – all while proudly spitting in a scouse flow.

Since showcasing his amazing lyrical dexterity on his debut track, Blue Notes, KOJ has collected support from tastemakers in the space alongside critical attention from core national radio, such as 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, KISS FM and Rinse FM.

Speaking about the track, KOJ says, “The purpose of ‘A Reminder’ is to literally remind everybody of the journey I’ve been on and the things we’ve experienced together. To remind everyone, I may have taken a short hiatus, but I’m still THAT GUY!”.

“This upcoming project is very special to me. I’ve been extremely vulnerable while pushing myself to the brink creatively, and it has resulted in a very unique, raw and authentic hip-hop sound with a modern twist“. 

His lyrics, which are the true heart of rap, cuts through and not to be biased (well, OK maybe a little) but the plosive scouse accent has a great percussive quality that KOJ really takes advantage of. 

Not just musically talented, his community project OzMob is a multi faceted collective spanning across music, art and beyond. To top it off we don’t have too long to wait for his EP release later this year! 

Stream KOJ’s A Reminder here.

Follow KOJ at @bigdaddykoj on Instagram for updates.

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