Salt The Snail have released their ear lashing new garage rock single Maaate – A rawly produced track that’s reminiscent of a 90s punk energy. 

Within the context of today’s music landscape, it seems almost every track that is released has to be polished to perfection. Due to the vast array of artists and producers that inhabit the industry, each member sets a precedent for one another; a precedent of rhythmically clean guitars that pan meticulously between the ears and a warm bass that rumbles beneath the surface. 

However, Salt the Snail prefer to embrace the organic sound that accompanies the raw production of garage rock. Following the release of their last single Junkyard Cat, Salt the Snail have remained consistent with their fuzzy sound of empowering riffs and plastic drums in their new track Maaate. The five-piece garage rock band have been frequently supplying their listenership with a series of singles that remind people that songs doesn’t have to sound perfect to be perfect. Instead, you merely need the will to create music and the ability to bleed your passion into the delivery of what you’re playing.

Salt the Snail have second-handedly conveyed this message in Maate with its charmingly rough production. Having the track of each instrument executed perfectly yet allowing them to be very loosely glued together creates an organic sound that is very difficult to come across in today’s music landscape. This allows the angst of their garage rock sound to blossom, enhancing the evocative nature of the lyricism as it lashes out on the hypocritical tendencies of human behavior; “She wants you to listen to her talk about her petty concerns. When it comes to those of your own, her face is stuck in her phone.” The preaching of this message through such an angst driven sound of scratching guitar tones makes for a truly punk sound, captured within a slow and heavy energy of cynicism. 

Ironically enough, Salt the Snail have managed to set the bar high for those punk artists whom thrive on setting the bar so low. They show no signs of polishing off their production any time soon, nor should they. 

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Harry Breen