Record Store Day 2020 officially announced that there will be releases from Gorillaz, Eminem, The Cure, Biffy Clyro and Robyn. Plus, U2, Manic Sreet Preachers and David Bowie will release exclusive vinyls in aid of War Child. We’ll be looking at what releases you can expect for Record Store Day 2020 in Liverpool.

RSD 2020 will return on Saturday 20 June, rather than 18 April, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, with hundreds of cassette and vinyl releases scheduled for release exclusivley through the UK and Liverpool’s independent record shops.

Highlights include Gorillaz ‘D-Sides’ and ‘G-Sides’, Biffy Clyro’s ‘7’, David Bowie’s ‘I’m Only Dancing’ and ‘Changes Now’, The Cure’s ‘Seventeen Seconds’ and ‘Bloodflowers’ on picture disc, Paul McCartney’s debut album ‘McCartney’, Robyn’s self-titled record on double coloured vinyl, Neil Young’s ‘Homegrown’, My Chemical Romance’s live album ‘Life on the Murder Scene’, Manic Street Preacher’s ‘Done and Dusted’, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Alternate Rumours’, Kraftwerk’s ‘I’ and ‘II’, Eminem’s ‘Hi My Name Is/Bad Guys Always Die’.

The participating Liverpool stores include 81 Renshaw, Probe Records, 3B Records, Phase One, Jacaranda, Dig Vinyl and Defend Vinyl. We will have more information on Record Store Day 2020 In Liverpool when the stores announce what release they will have in stock.

But in the meantime, get down and support your local record store anyway! Below we’ve linked all the stores so you can easily head over to their websites and social pages:
Defend Vinyl
Dig Vinyl
Probe Records
81 Renshaw
3B Records
Phase One

For a full list of Record Store Day 2020 releases visit