The Oxford dictionary describes a relaunch as “the act of starting or presenting something again in a new or different way”. Pleasure Island is Sean Ekins and his entourage’s latest project for their next assault on the Rock’n’roll scene as they unveil a new single previewed on SoundCloud.  

We often hear of artists who inform of the trials and tribulations of their path to the spotlight, yet the background story of Sean Ekins and his prior title, The Spitfires is one that certainly stands out. A journey which began in Perth, Australia. Tales of a housefire in a “freak barbecue accident”, early success down under followed by relocation to Sydney and latterly Liverpool as Ekins tried to find home with his music. Stories of audience members being employed as the band tried out thirteen different drummers. In their latest inauguration, Ekins unveils Pleasure Island and a new single to set the ball rolling. 

The Game is 3 minutes and 22 seconds of pure passion and aggression as Ekins muses over the modern world and perhaps his perception of his place in these times.  The admission, “I don’t have the clothes but I have the soul” bookends this frantic number. Amidst the chaos is a catchy chorus that acts as a breather for us and Ekins, interjecting from his amusing and honest take on society. Airs of The Sex Pistols and The Buzzcocks but with a modern twist. Perhaps most similar to Idles in recent times due to the tune’s tone and swagger combined with a pleasant chorus to boot. The Game is a must listen. Ekins conversational lyrics have us fully engaged and the roaring and screeching guitars in the background accelerate and enhance the experience.

If heart on a sleeve garage rock is your cup of tea, Pleasure Island may well be your tipple. With an EP promised for 2020, it is intriguing to ponder where Ekins will take us next. An upcoming launch party on 1st November at Kazimier Stockroom for the release of The Game is the next checkpoint however and an opportunity to see the outfit in the flesh. They have previously warned us “to buckle the f**k up, because they’re about to accelerate”. Bring a seatbelt. Or don’t. You have been warned though. 

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Jamie Hankin