Oya Paya are back after a brief hiatus with two brand new back to back singles, Kobi and Phillip.

Multi-national, Liverpool-based band Oya Paya are, in their own words, a “genre-bending trans-pacific art-pop trio”. Now, they’ve exploded back onto the scene in April with two new singles, Kobi and Phillip.

Kobi immediately draws your attention with the lightning speed vocals, with every syllable coming at you like bullets. It would certainly take you a serious amount of practice to be able to sing along! So much so, the guys have released an Official Karaoke Video to help you master the lyrics! The Guitar and Bass work perfectly together under the vocals forming a tight knit riff. The whole song is a fast paced, powerful wall of sound.

Oya Paya Kobi (Official Karaoke Video)

Phillip is an altogether different song to Kobi, with echoes of 90s alternative rock bands of yesteryear. It is the perfect hazy, summer tune. The main body of melody in the track comprises of short and choppy lyrics which keep the song moving forward and pulls you with it. The chorus brings a nice change to the track with some gorgeous harmonies between the vocal parts as well as a delicate twinkling melody in the background which add an almost ethereal layer to the track.

Both tracks offer you different tastes of the musical stylings Oya Paya have to offer. There is no doubt that these guys are talented at writing captivating tunes and I look forward to hearing what comes next.

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Helen Maw

Feature Image Photo by Jenn Cliff-Wilcock