Around a year ago Ocean Waves Band (a showcase of music composed and produced by Ocean Waves Productions) announced that they would be releasing Reggae, Funk, R’n’B and hip-hop infused tracks in a move which personally had us here at Liverpool Noise very excited. Liverpool is a city known for its rich musical history with a particularly strong focus on guitar driven rock and pop melodies and the current array of talented indie rock-pop bands on the scene is certainly not a bad thing. However, it was exciting to hear that we would be getting something completely different from Ocean Waves Band.

Their first release last February, ‘It’s Like’ was a a breath of fresh air, with over 30,000 hits on Youtube. If you’ve experienced the Sefton Park based Africa Oye festival or Postive Vibration festival then you would have heard the sound that the band are creating and it goes to show that it’s a sound that the people of Liverpool want to hear. Attendance to Africa Oye has reached 40,000 and is growing more popular year on year.

New single ‘Warning’ manages to fuse Reggae and jazz to create an effortlessly cool song and an equally cool music video.  If you sit back, relax and listen to Ocean Waves Band then you might just feel like you’re lying on a beach somewhere in Jamaica and what’s better than that?

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