When an invitation to this exclusive event landed in our inbox two weeks ago, asking if we would like to attend an intimate live session with the wonderful Lianne La Havas, it took us exactly 0.2 seconds to reply, yes. Nokia know how to put on a good show. With only 200 tickets available, by invite only, we were lucky enough to experience such a unique show. The venue at the Rampworx in Aintree, possibly one of the most unusual but brilliantly-genius ideas to stage such a gig, added to the vibe that Nokia were aiming to achieve. A free bus was provided from the city centre to the venue, with music pumping out to get the crowd ready for the night ahead, we arrived at the Rampworx with time to have a look around.

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Rampworx was the unique venue to host the gig.

A temporary bar was set up to cater to the audiences needs and provided great quick cocktails and bottles. As we made our way into the main area for the support act and local talent Ady Suleiman who, with his smooth soulful voice and great songs to match, shown why he deserved the honour of opening for Lianne La Havas. With the crowd suitably warmed up, another trip to the bar and observing some of the majorly talented skaters and BMX’ers, it was then time for the main event.

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Lianne made her entrance to begin a dazzling set. Performing tracks from her debut album “Is Your Love Big Enough?” the talent of this girl was incredible, perfect vocals, she managed to look so glamorous whilst effortlessly playing her guitar. Her stage presence and rapport with the crowd made her the perfect star for such an intimate show. Sharing laughs and jokes with the crowd and an amazing encore where she immersed herself within the crowd whilst singing with no accompanying instruments or even a microphone, she blew everyone away with the first track off her debut album, “Don’t Wake Me Up”. And with a great ovation from the crowd, she was whisked away and the show was over. A truly unforgettable night, Nokia’s Lumia Live sessions are a treat not to be turned down.

Nokia Lumia Live Sessions