New Noise: June Roundup.

As we are poised like sprinters in their blocks, ready to explode – Usain Bolt like – out of  the blocks when the gun of June 21 is discharged, the June releases round up shows us there is much on offer. 

First out of the blocks are the wonderful, essential Mondo Trasho. This garage surfer mob  are producing really exciting, visceral music at the moment, and their latest EP Pure Trash doesn’t let the sound down. 

Minor Key Comedy explode with their The Meteor EP, and it’s all loud and proud.  Two tracks of muscular rock and roll that amply demonstrate their collective musical  chops, the third “Adeline” demonstrating their collective musical arrangement skills. A  nice insight into what the Minor Key Comedy’s future potential. 

The Scouse synth pop of Twenty Twenty are certainly up this listeners street. Ain’t Right has a lovely post punk feel, dwelling somewhere between 1979 and 1982. The production and mix are spot on. Truly a song for summer. Truly intoxicating. 

New Noise Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty

And continuing the theme of summer, and it possibilities, we have You’re Not My Girl by Murmurs. Two minutes and 31 seconds of pure pop perfection, this is a song that should  be on everyone’s playlist. Beautifully crafted, pure bliss.  

It’s nice to see a band who really connects with their fanbase. So when Modern Sky’s Crawlers boasted that if they got 10k likes they would release a song – guess what? They did! What impulse! Good job Breathe was ready to go. Their fans will love it! And the drumming is great! 

Me and Deboe (feature image) are a class act. I confess, I am a big fan, who really appreciates the artistry of these two song maidens. So I am reviewing an unreleased single, You Are, from a YouTube link which is exquisitely filmed and recorded. The world is better for having Me and Deboe in it. You Are is out on 18 June.

Alan O’Hares Only Child release The Band Played On shows how this Liverpool troubadour is quickly becoming essential listening. This is a poetic run through of historical events, and how it’s affected the author. O’Hare’s great knack is to make the  profound accessible. Can’t wait for the album. 

New Noise Guise


Last up is Guise – who rock! Their EPK is something to behold, and has better production values than some actual releases. Money has been spent – no question. Their single Breakout is a time slip back to the early 70’s and I am hooked. Guise should open for Kiss, and then proceed to blow them off the stage. If the Darkness were a guilty pleasure, then Guise loiter with intent in the dark web. It’s pompous, over the top rock n roll and all the better for it. Can’t wait for the tour documentary…

Steve Kinrade